August 19 — A reunion

Maybe it is a gift to be given so much time in this manner.

I stand between joy and  a certain amount of despair I fear, as I live the seconds of each day.

I do not seek realizations intentionally for at this point in my life, to seek them would be like trying to justify my existence. So i have shied away from my own self and I chose silence.

One needs to court humility to be able to look at the world again.

Just now, I tried to look at my heart and it felt as if an invisible hand banged the door close. There is a repelling force and I the owner of this very heart am unable to look at it up close.

I feel that I have outgrown judging myself.  I chose not to as we know that we can be our own worst enemy.

I walk in gratitude for each day that I wake up to and I have decided to befriend myself yet again by re-accepting who I am.   I guess in life we should never stop this practice.

Give me my pen and paper, I will write for it is when I do so that I feel the most freedom…that I feel most myself.


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